Historic Foyer

The client and designer wanted an entry that reflected the historic Josiah Joesler home in the foothills of Tuscon, Arizona; and would also incorporate the antique mesquite floorboards. Starting at the top – on the ceiling coffer a visual texture using frottage was applied. Over the frottage design a Joesler-styled faux wrought iron work was designed around the chandelier, painted in the studio and installed. The next architectural element was then painted and design elements from the wall stencil were applied in plaster with two connecting bands then all was distressed. The large crown is originally a plaster element; that was faux grained to blend with the floor. Because Joesler is known for square headed iron nails, the “boards” were then connected by trompe l’oeil nail heads. On the walls, polished Italian plaster was applied then a “broken” stencil pattern was dry-brushed on in two colors; the walls were then rubbed out in glaze to age.

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